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Vacuum Pump Interface
This interface will allow control of an external vacuum pump by turning the power on and off on a built-in power outlet.
Typically a vacuum pump is used to draw gaseous samples through the traps for ambient air monitoring applications or to load the loop of a gas sampling valve by pulling sample gas from a remote location. Because the vacuum pump can be turned on for a precise length of time, the gas flow through the trap is very reproducible and will vary with pump rate.
Packed and Capillary Columns
Buck can supply and install most types of columns. The metal megabore capillary
columns are preferred because they are durable, can be coiled to a smaller diameter, yet cost and work the same as fused silica columns, which tend to break. For some applications (gases, freons, water, etc.) 1/8” packed columns are preferred. However, since every application is unique, consult a column manufacturer(Restek, Supelco, etc.) before selecting a column to purchase with your GC.

Methanizer Accessory
The methanizer accessory is a high efficiency catalyst which is mounted inside the FID and thermostatted to 380ºC. The tube is packed with a special nickel catalyst powder where CO and CO2 are converted to methane for detection by FID down to
1ppm. This methanize design must be configured with a FID detector.
Built-in Air Compressor And Hydrogen Generator
The built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor is mounted inside the chassis of the 910 GC where it provides a nearly silent supply of air for the FID or FID/DELCD detector flame. With the built-in air compressor, no air cylinder is required, simplifying field operations and saving the expense of replacing air cylinders on a regular basis. The hydrogen generator can run an FID detector for days on a single filling of water, saving even more money and space.
Gas Line Installation Kit
The Gas line installation kit includes everything you need to connect a single gas cylinder to the 910 GC.
Each kit contains:
Cylinder pressure regulator (0-100 PSI output)
50’ length of 1/8” copper tubing
Stainless steel gas line filter
Handy tubing cutter
Extra Swagelok nuts and ferrules

Note- Each type of gas cylinder has a different type of CGA connection to the regulator. Air is typically CGA 590 or 346, Helium and Nitrogen are CGA 580, while Hydrogen and Argon-Methane are CGA 350. Please specify CGA type.
GC Maintenance Kit
The GC maintenance kit includes most parts which could fail and is designed especially for our export customers who may have difficulty returning the GC to the factory for service.
Pre-Configured Systems
Buck offers an assortment of popular pre-configured systems for specific applications:
Educational GC TCD Multiple Gas GC PCB Analyzer
Multiple Gas GC w/ Sulphur BTEX GC Enviromental GC
TO-14 Indoor Air GC Gas-less Educational GC Educational GC FID