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Accesorios para HC-404
Cat. # Descripción
404-11 EPA Method 413.2/418/1 TPH (Used to maked your own standards) Reference Standard w/gravimetric and I.R. Photometric certification NIST/USFDA, ASTM)
404-14 Calibration Standards in Hexane 50ml. (10, 50, 250ppm)
Cat. # Descripción
404-1004 Source lamp (new lamp will not fit into old holder as of serial # 990)
404-1004A Upgrade holder with Lamp, one time purchase for Serial # 989 or earlier
404-1032 Drive Belts (5 pack) for HC-404
404-9999 HC-404 Operators Manual
Celdas y Porta Celdas (Holders)
Cat. # Descripción
404-13 Vessel Cell for Non-Freon Method
5707 100mm cylindrical cuvette holder
5708 10mm cuvette holder
5710 50mm cylindrical cuvette holder
6105 Slide Plate Holder
BS 21-I-10 Infrasil quartz cuvette, 10mm pathlength
BS 21-I-10-6 Infrasil quartz cuvette, 10mm pathlength, (Pkg. of 6)
BS 3-I-100 Infrasil quartz cuvette cylindrical, 100mm pathlength
BS 34-I-50 Infrasil quartz cuvette cylindrical, 50mm pathlength